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This is inherited maternally, enabling the group to trace the dogs back to distinct female wolf lineages. The dog genetic types fall on "different branches of the genetic tree of wolves", Savolainen says.

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The branches are far enough apart to represent individual female wolves, but close enough to represent a single wolf population. This, he says, hints that humans domesticated dogs several times in one part of East Asia. Dogs from at least five domestic lineages probably accompanied humans across the land bridge from Siberia to Alaska and down into the Americas around 12,, years ago, according to a similar genetic study by Jennifer Leonard and colleagues 2.

These native American dogs were more closely related to Eurasian dogs and wolves than were American grey wolves. People must have gained some "advantage by having this domestic animal at that early time", says Leonard, an evolutionary biologist now at the National Museum of Natural History in Washington DC. Dogs may have been used as sentinels, for transport, and for herding buffaloes or mastodon in hunts. If dogs really were domesticated 15, years ago, says Leonard, then it's remarkable that they spread across three continents in only a few thousand years.

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At the time humans were still hunter-gatherers living in relatively isolated groups. I would never take my dogs anywhere else. We just rescued a new one and took her her for her first bath.

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She was taken care of just like she was one of their own. Thank you for everything you do for us.

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They love her and so do we. Luon Cave. Dau Go Cave. Ba Hang Village. Trong Cave. Dinh Huong Island.

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Soi Sim Island. Cat Ba National Park. Me Cung Cave. Ho Ba Ham.

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