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Count Crowley: Reluctant Midnight Monster Hunter #1

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Fan Theories #21 : What Was The Entity On Midnight?

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Off White. Red Snake. Sea Navy. I guess we can never know the true origins of the Hulk, but have you heard the assertion by Arlen Schumer that it originated with an idea by publisher Martin Goodman? The example of Lee rejecting the early Hulk pages fits very well with various accounts e.

Similar situations were repeated and witnessed on various occasions over the years.

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Rather than leaping and appearing to fly as Lee describes in his script the Hulk is clearly swooping down out of the sky in some scenes e. Kirby possibly thought the Hulk needed this means of propulsion to allow more changes of locale. PS: this was something we discussed in a thread on the Marvel Masterworks site. Perhaps this aspect was discussed prior to Kirby drawing the story, but perhaps not.

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Lee is on record several times as stating he disliked the idea of a character who could fly without any apparent means of propulsion. Would Kirby have tried to radically alter the Hulk character so early, without mentioning it to Lee in advance? I recently re-read the Kirby and Lee interviews from the silver age as well as various interviews from the sixties Marvel artists and other contemporary documentation.

Of course one artist who definitely did draw up some stories without prior discussions with Lee was Steve Ditko. It is well known that he plotted the later Spider-Man stories himself, and that he came up with the first Dr Strange story solo even though the character had a different name. The second Hulk went on to continuing success.

Apologies for the confusion. Thanks for the comments Rosco. A good deal of food for thought here.