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It also means that new discoveries may come along once this book is in print. Good places to find out about any new discoveries are the websites below.

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I found my first fossil when I was a young child living in England. I write a blog about nature: explorediscovernature. If you want to see some of my other pictures you can visit my site www. Zealandia split from Gondwana and changed over millions of years to become what we know as New Zealand. This ancient past includes stories about animals that are unique to New Zealand, as well as those, such as dinosaurs, that were shared with other contine nts.

Reading about what lived in ancient New Zealand, children can learn:.

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At the same time, children can be learning to think like scientists by:. Covering more than million years in 36 pages means inevitably many time stages had to be left out. We chose to focus on living things, rather than geology, and to illustrate a couple of time stages where there was a good amount of information available, rather than trying to cover every stage.

Here are some ideas for re-reading the book — things to look for and talk about, and games to play:. Look for fossils or other interesting geological evidence. Local historical societies may have descriptions of places to visit or even run trips to see fossils or interesting geological evidence. Visit a native animal sanctuary to see the animals that are survivors of the past and to learn about what New Zealand must have looked and sounded like to the first people that came here.

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Some sanctuaries, such as Zealandia in Wellington, have displays about extinct animals. Larger museums may have displays of how New Zealand might have looked or interactive exhibits that show changes to the land. Visit limestone caves that contain remains of animals, for example at Waitomo, Oparara or Takaka. See Pinterest pages for some ideas for crafts and activities as well as information sources:.

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  6. The following websites have information that is reasonably accessible to children:. Goal 4: Children experience an environment where they develop working theories for making sense of the natural, social, physical, and material worlds. Explain how we know that some living things from the past are now extinct. Describe how natural features are changed and resources affected by natural events and human actions.

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    Explore how the groups of living things we have in the world have changed over long periods of time and appreciate that some living things in New Zealand are quite different from living things in other areas of the world. For more information about ancient New Zealand and for assessment and teaching ideas see:. Look for topics such as: dating the past, Joan Wiffen, ferns, moa, Gondwana.

    At the same time, children can be learning to think like scientists by: Developing their observation skills; Thinking about how living things can be named and grouped; Exploring and acting on issues. Pages 4—5: What animals can you see in this picture? Which species do you think are still alive in New Zealand today?

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    Pages 6—7: The timeline goes back from today to Gondwana times. The maps are not to scale but give an idea of the changing shape of the land. Pages 14— Match birds on these pages with ones on pages 8—13 not all will be in both places. Pages 18— These animals are still surviving in New Zealand. Have you seen them anywhere? In zoos, sanctuaries or in the wild? First, by always talking about and referring to MOA, you will understand how to use it better. Note, if you want to use 1. How many MOA is 3 inches at yards?

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