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So downloading songs is the only way sure, you can buy another cd with bonus tracks but it's silly to buy same cd with one or two extra songs. W-Lash: yeah The closest thing to metal we carry in our record stores is Van Halen! So given the circumstances, I have to "steal", it's not my fault that in The Bahamas, choices are lousy! So downloading music is okay for a person like me!

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So it depends on the individual. Posts: From: Czech Republic. Dreamtale - Phoenix Posts: From: USA. Maybe I missed it, but how much are cds in Japan? Posts: From: Canada. Doc G. Written by BitterCOld on Written by MeloDeathViking on WWII reparations.

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When I die there will be a final waltz in my head that only I can hear. JayEstonio Account deleted. Written by LeChron James on I was thinking of the same thing and was about to post it, but then you already did.. Posts: 30 From: Finland. Rosaka Posts: 30 From: Finland. How come people started to talk about Japanese food here?

Posts: From: Bulgaria. Nimlot A. Reader Posts: From: Bulgaria. Chinese food kicks the crap out of Japanese food imho. Posts: From: Hong Kong. I'm Chinese and I love both :9 but I always prefer Japanese rice. Written by Rosaka on Boy was I surprised when Chicken Teriyaki and an Octopus roll came flying out of the player when I got to the bonus tracks. The miso soup that fell out of the case probably should have tipped me off to not play the CD but I like Hypocrisy and I figured "okay strange but this seems safe".

Wyrd Posts: From: Canada. Written by Ellrohir on I agree they are the 2 best songs on that album, So you imagine how pissed I was when I got the CD and the songs weren't fucking on there! They hunt demons! Posts: From: Japan. Posts: From: UK. Is anyone really that fussed about them? If the extra track s were as good as the rest of the album then they'd be on the album. Only worth seeking out the japanese versions if you love the album and there are indeed bonus tracks on it.

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Only one I'd like is Vader- The Beast. On a somewhat related note, 2 Sore Throast albums were released on one CD and only available to the Japs. No idea why this is the case British band on a British label but quite annoying. It is not God who kills the children.

Not fate that butchers them or destiny that feeds them to the dogs. It's us. Only us" Read Watchmen. Posts: From: Greece. Then they say don't download the songs - illegal Where are the songs mr. Dark Tranquillity. Krachyon Account deleted. Sad thing is this seems no longer restricted to Japan.

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Latest culprit i stumbled across is Airbourne. Seems to me like they produced double the amount of tracks that made it to their albums just to throw them around in a clusterfuck of different versions of the same thing. This has 5 bonus tracks. Yeah and DT. Another thing that pisses me off is the fact that you never ever find a list of different editions and which song was released where. Maybe the labels want to entice people to go on a treasure hunt for rare songs.

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But for what purpose? Most people would just download the songs, probaly not on iTunes or similar. And it would only make sense if you have different editions in the same country.

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Which is at times another reason to sharpen your axe and go berserk And for the "Japanese CDs are expensive therefore we need to make the package bigger"-argument. Why not just sell them cheaper? Is there some sort of crazy music-tax? That they just bundle the single with the album makes sense though. If you don't already think singles are stupid. Maybe wrong place to ask, but I don't want to open new one why all US realizes has later date as Europian, in Europe we get new albums earlier 2 weeks even months Why is that? Posts: From: Brazil. Written by Karlabos on Written by Bad English on Japan is one of the largest music markets in the world.

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